• Image of Ste Spandex - Home Extraction EP 12" (CFT001)

Another colossal slab from the Manchester undergrowth via the DMT drenched fairground of the Cerberus Future Technologies lab. 4 x heavy beyond jazz 'ingredients' that'll have you immediately whatsappin' your zest guy for an emergency drop off. Spandex has personally hand stamped these with his own blood* - Orange blood being a sure sign of staying up for days grinding mega tunes out on pure analogue gear sippin on' shit loads of undiluted Kiora. MASSIVE.

Limited press! - Only a couple hundred or so for the whole wide world! DON'T SLEEP!!!

A1 - Naptha
A2 - Mimosa
B1 - Caustic
B2 - Water

Mint new copies.

*Ste spandex has NOT used his own blood to hand stamp these records. RBx