• Image of Au Dré ‎– 'Wanna Know / Wonder' 7"
  • Image of Au Dré ‎– 'Wanna Know / Wonder' 7"

Mega modern boogie-soul tackle from top trumpeter and vocalist Audrey Powne. Out on Gulf Point - not many copies of this have made it to the western hemisphere. Probably hi-jacked by pesky Japanese diggers in transit. Anyway, we have snaffled but a few copies for y'all via our sleazy underworld connections init.

'Wanna Know' comes straight for us with big pop vocal, deep strings, wobbles, bobbles & synth work that takes you to the verge of euphoria. Wait. I just heard the solo at the end - EUPHORIC TACKLE. Side B's 'Wonder' powers us up with that blistering double B boogie bounce (more incredible prod. from Benny Badge on this one) whilst again treating us to some sick horn action and super melodic vox. MEGA TACKLE!

A: Wanna Know
B: Wonder

Mint new copies.

*Note to self - make vid for B-side init. RMx